Smokeless Coal Renewable energy source Logs for sale
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Mansfields Local Coal and firewood supplier, New farm Fuels.

We have changed our name to New Farm Fuels Ltd which still includes Logunsticks who are the cheapest and best supplier of wood, sticks and coal in Nottinghamshire.

Logunsticks authorised BSL agentApproved Woodfuel MerchantApproved Coal Merchant


This site is dedicated to selling logs, sticks and coal as an alternative source of fuel for heating your home or garden.

We have been a wood fuel supplier for over 20 years, as you are probably aware there is now a popular demand for a solid fuel source.


We use the latest processing machinery and all our logs can be cut to the customers requirements, from 8 inches in length to 24 inches in length.

We would also like to point out that we do not process any type of softwood.


We will always endeavour to be as competitive in the market place as we can.


If you feel we can improve this site in any way please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.